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Javascript Refresher Oct 7, 2013 Javascript & js & learning If you are like me and you procrastinated learning javascript until your kids were dependant on it to eat, then this quick refresher post might be Sharing common connection strings between projects May 29, 2013 visual studio share connectionstrings & Visual Studio Tricks If you are like me and are developing a visual studio solution which consists of multiple projects and you want to share the connection strings A simple image carousel prototype using Asp.net webforms and SignalR May 22, 2013 Asp.net & SignalR If you are like and you were give a “scenario” where you had to design an online carousel which would show some images stored on the application Simple logging with NLog Application logger Mar 20, 2012 C# & Logging & NLog Logging C# If you are like me and you rely on trace information generated by your programs to diagnose production issues then you might like NLog. NLog is a SVN Externals — Share common assembly code between solutions Jan 11, 2012 Common code & Source Code Management & SVN & SVN Externals & Windows Tools If you are like me and you have a similar problem of having to share common in-house library code between various Visual studio solutions and you Simple async in .net 2.0 & Winforms Oct 2, 2011 async & C# & c# & linqbridge & utility & Utility Classes If you are like me (a lay-dev) and you swing back and forth between writing .net 4 and .net 2 apps. You are also asked to write simple winform Clean sources Plus Sep 30, 2011 Explorer & svn & tools & visual studio & Windows Tools If you are like me and you develop a lot of small Visual Studio Solutions that need to be checked into SVN then you’ll love this tool. I found it on Console 2 — A tabbed console window Aug 28, 2011 Utilities & Windows If you are like me and hate having four console window icons pinned to your taskbar then you’ll like Console-2. The four console windows are: