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How to samples with AWS CDK Apr 5, 2021 AWS & CDK & IaC & Typescript A repository of CDK resusable typescript code samples to provision AWS infrastructure with code. Some more info on CDK if you are new to it. A hashicorp packer project to provision an AWS AMI with node, pm2 & mongodb Oct 21, 2020 IaC & Hashicorp-Packer & AMI & AWS Packer is an amazing tool to provision multi cloud virtual machine images with code. Making it easier to audit/maintain images and check Docker-Compose in AWS ECS with EFS volume mounts Nov 14, 2019 docker & AWS & ECS Install the aws ecs cli to run commands from terminal. Download Instructions Add ecs-cli to your path if it doesnt exits already. Make sure you have Apple Push Notifications With Amazon SNS Oct 25, 2017 AWS & Push Notifications Go to AWS console and locate the SNS service. Click on the Applications menu to register a new app for push notifications. Click Create platform AWS VPC Notes Jun 4, 2017 AWS & VPC Services > VPC > Launch VPC Wizard > Single public subnet. Provide IPv4 CIDR block for the entire VPC. All resources within that VPC will assume IP