April 5, 2021
How to samples with AWS CDK
Tags: AWS CDK IaC Typescript
October 21, 2020
A sample hashicorp packer project to provision a new AWS AMI with node, pm2 and mongodb
Tags: IaC Hashicorp-Packer AMI AWS
March 30, 2020
Some notes on Zeebe (A scalable process orchestrator)
Tags: process-orchestration zeebe
November 14, 2019
Running docker compose in AWS ECS (ec2 type) with EFS volume mounts for persistent storage
Tags: docker-compose aws ecs
October 12, 2018
Domain Driven Design Core Principles
Tags: DDD
October 25, 2017
Apple Push Notifications With Amazon SNS
Tags: AWS Push Notifications
June 4, 2017
September 22, 2016
Building and Deploying apps using VSTS and HockeyApp - Part 3 : Windows Phone
Tags: build vsts hockeyapp xamarin
September 21, 2016
Building and Deploying apps using VSTS and HockeyApp - Part 2 : Android
Tags: build vsts hockeyapp xamarin
September 12, 2016
Building and Deploying apps using VSTS and HockeyApp - Part 1 : iOS
Tags: build vsts hockeyapp xamarin
July 21, 2016
How I diagnosed High CPU usage using Windbg
Tags: Debugging diagnosis High CPU Windbg Windows Tools
June 3, 2015
WCF service NETBIOS name resolution woes
Tags: WCF WebServices
March 2, 2015
The troublesome Git-Svn Marriage
Tags: SourceControl GIT SVN
November 4, 2014
GTD (Getting things done) — A simplified view
Tags: Self improvement
October 7, 2013
Javascript Refresher
Tags: Javascript js learning
May 29, 2013
Sharing common connection strings between projects
Tags: visual studio share connectionstrings Visual Studio Tricks
May 22, 2013
A simple image carousel prototype using Asp.net webforms and SignalR
Tags: Asp.net SignalR
March 20, 2012
Simple logging with NLog Application logger
Tags: C# Logging NLog Logging C#
January 11, 2012
SVN Externals — Share common assembly code between solutions
Tags: Common code Source Code Management SVN SVN Externals Windows Tools
October 2, 2011
Simple async in .net 2.0 & Winforms
Tags: async C# c# linqbridge utility Utility Classes
September 30, 2011
Clean sources Plus
Tags: Explorer svn tools visual studio Windows Tools
August 28, 2011
Console 2 — A tabbed console window
Tags: Utilities Windows