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Building and Deploying apps using VSTS and HockeyApp - Part 2 : Android Sep 21, 2016 build & vsts & hockeyapp & xamarin This post talks about building and deploying Android apps using Visual Studio team services. This is part 2 of series of posts. To see how to build Building and Deploying apps using VSTS and HockeyApp - Part 1 : iOS Sep 12, 2016 build & vsts & hockeyapp & xamarin If you are like me and you need a process for continuous integration and deployment for mobile apps on iOS, Android and Windows then this series of How I diagnosed High CPU usage using Windbg Jul 21, 2016 Debugging & diagnosis & High CPU & Windbg & Windows Tools If you are like me and you have deployed a windows service onto a production server and the CPU on the server spikes randomly then, this post may be WCF service NETBIOS name resolution woes Jun 3, 2015 WCF & WebServices If you are like me and you’ve: Created a WCF service that is hosted within a windows process. Configured the WCF service in code, instead of a The troublesome Git-Svn Marriage Mar 2, 2015 SourceControl & GIT & SVN If you are like me and you are asked to implement a workflow that interfaces with the developers using Git and allows changes to flow through to the GTD (Getting things done) — A simplified view Nov 4, 2014 Self improvement If you are like me and you want to get a flowchart-ish view of “David Allen’s getting things done” then you may find this post useful. Disclaimer: Javascript Refresher Oct 7, 2013 Javascript & js & learning If you are like me and you procrastinated learning javascript until your kids were dependant on it to eat, then this quick refresher post might be Sharing common connection strings between projects May 29, 2013 visual studio share connectionstrings & Visual Studio Tricks If you are like me and are developing a visual studio solution which consists of multiple projects and you want to share the connection strings A simple image carousel prototype using Asp.net webforms and SignalR May 22, 2013 Asp.net & SignalR If you are like and you were give a “scenario” where you had to design an online carousel which would show some images stored on the application Simple logging with NLog Application logger Mar 20, 2012 C# & Logging & NLog Logging C# If you are like me and you rely on trace information generated by your programs to diagnose production issues then you might like NLog. NLog is a Next page