Clean sources Plus

If you are like me and you develop a lot of small Visual Studio Solutions that need to be checked into SVN then you’ll love this tool.

I found it on Jeff Attwood’s site a while ago. Basically, the tool gets the crap out of your solution folder, makes it ideal for you to check in the entire folder as-is into subversion using windows explorer.

It was all hunky-dory until Jeff’s blog crashed and he lost sh-load of data and images. I am guessing this tool was also the victim of this disaster.

Luckily, i had downloaded the msi before the crash and it was sitting on my old work laptop in an isolated folder.

There’s another command line tool called Tree Trim, which sort of does the same thing, but nothing beats the simplicity of right clicking the solution folder and saying

Bam ! the dirt is Gone.


September 30, 2011 · Explorer · svn · tools · visual studio · Windows Tools

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