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Simple logging with NLog Application logger Mar 20, 2012 C# & Logging & NLog Logging C# If you are like me and you rely on trace information generated by your programs to diagnose production issues then you might like NLog. NLog is a SVN Externals — Share common assembly code between solutions Jan 11, 2012 Common code & Source Code Management & SVN & SVN Externals & Windows Tools If you are like me and you have a similar problem of having to share common in-house library code between various Visual studio solutions and you Simple async in .net 2.0 & Winforms Oct 2, 2011 async & C# & c# & linqbridge & utility & Utility Classes If you are like me (a lay-dev) and you swing back and forth between writing .net 4 and .net 2 apps. You are also asked to write simple winform Clean sources Plus Sep 30, 2011 Explorer & svn & tools & visual studio & Windows Tools If you are like me and you develop a lot of small Visual Studio Solutions that need to be checked into SVN then you’ll love this tool. I found it on Console 2 — A tabbed console window Aug 28, 2011 Utilities & Windows If you are like me and hate having four console window icons pinned to your taskbar then you’ll like Console-2. The four console windows are: